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Top 4 House Selling Tips

If you are thinking about selling your house, here are some tips to help you sell your house faster and for more money!  These are the top 4 tips that will help you better position your house to sell quickly and for more money.

#1 Tip

First impressions set the mood. If your home is in need of yard work, exterior paint or cleaning, be sure to address these issues first. Most buyers set their expectations of a home by what they see as they drive up. If the house is clean, and looks well taken care of then the buyers feel that the homeowners take pride in the home and they will be in a good mood as they enter. It works just the opposite if the house is in need of repair, the buyers are on guard as they enter the home and are looking for things that may be wrong instead of what the house has to offer.

#2 Tip

Remove as much of the clutter as you can. We all have items around the house that are special to us but they just take up space, in order to show how much space is available it is better to put these items away while showing the house.

#3 Tip

Organize your closets as best as you can. If your closets are messy and crammed full of stuff the buyer will feel as though you are telling them that there is not enough storage in the house.

#4 Tip

Touch up paint here and there does not hurt, having carpets cleaned will help as well.

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